Sunday, April 26, 2020

Churches can serve the people and observe proper public safety, too

From New Mexico-

One of the very first cases of COVID-19 in New Mexico was a member of our Cathedral community in Albuquerque. From that moment I have been deeply concerned that the church not become a vector for the coronavirus. I have also been adamant that the church never close – even if we must close our buildings, the work of the church continues.

As Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of the Rio Grande, which encompasses all of New Mexico and the far west part of Texas, I need to make a few points about the church and society in the days ahead. 

First, the church and every other faith community are essential to our society and need to be treated as such. The practice of faith is essential in helping people manage anxiety and depression, maintain hope and love their neighbor. Our faith communities help people act out of their better selves. Our faith communities help hold the fabric of our society together. For this reason, it is critical that clergy and employees of synagogues, churches and mosques are considered essential services by government agencies and we be given the guidance essential services deserve. 

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