Tuesday, April 28, 2020

New Jersey priest gives last rites to coronavirus patient through window

From New Jersey-

A New Jersey priest was unable to perform last rites on a coronavirus patient in person or over the phone, due to a bad connection — so he decided to administer the prayer through the window of the man’s nursing home room, according to a report.

“I was shaking as I was doing it. I didn’t expect to be. I knew that the sacrament was there whether or not I felt it,” the Rev. Michael Way of Christ Episcopal Church in Middletown told NJ.com.
“I didn’t expect to feel it as powerfully as I did,” he added.

Way, who wore a mask as he recited the sacrament, said he could hear the patient mouthing the words to the prayer as the priest held up his hand to the window on April 21.

The patient, his parishioner at Christ Episcopal, was moved to the nursing home in the fall and later contracted the disease. As of Saturday night, the man was still alive, the news outlet reported.

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