Monday, September 8, 2008

Cat fight breaks out in Common Cause

If you can make your way through the alphabet soup of REC, APA and DOW you'll see what many have been saying about the culture that Common Cause fosters. Actually the parallels with what happened in San Joaquin are amazing. The Bishop who's left with his diocese for the Reformed Church has said that the Presiding Bishop of APA has overstepped his bounds in what he's done since the announced departure. Fascinating.

In a move that could have serious implications for the Common Cause Partnership, an entire diocese of the Anglican Province of America with some 22 plus churches has fled that Anglican jurisdiction and allied itself with the Reformed Episcopal Church in America (REC).

Bishop Boyce announced this week that he was taking his diocese out of the APA and formally bringing it into the Reformed Episcopal Church, a move that angered the Presiding Bishop of the APA, the Most. Rev. Walter Grundorf, who promptly relieved Boyce of his position as Bishop and appointed the Very Rev. Douglas King as interim administrator of the DOW.


The Rev Canon Dr David Wilson said...

It would be nice to see some links to documentation from the "many" who say this is the culture the CCP fosters.

BTW, How did you vote at the last Anglican Communiion Network Council meeting in Fort Worth on the resolution to form the CCP? My understanding was the Pittsburgh delegation was unanomous in supporting it?

David Laughlin said...

This is small potatoes: wait until the other three TEC departing dioceses, CANA, AMiA, the enlarged REC and the Southern Cone gang up on the departing "Pittsburgh Diocese" concerning womens ordination. The new American Province will not allow for such "inovations".

Pittsburgh: do not sacrifice the fine women priests that you have just to be leaders in a breakaway church!

Jim Simons said...

We were unanimous in supporting it, but at the point it wasn't a secessionist movement. If my memory serves me correctly there were several dioceses that didn't even show up -evidence of further fracturing.

With regards to gramp's comment, the only reason that protections for women's ordination were put into the CCP document was because Pittsburgh insisted on it.

David Laughlin said...

Thanks Jim

I was thinking about Bishop Iker's remarks at:

“Co-operation with the bodies [of the Common Cause Network] which do ordain women or receive women cannot extend to /communio in sacris,/ but we will co-operate with them in every way possible in a state of continuing impaired communion…leaders of both the Anglican Communion Network and the Common Cause Partnership are fully committed to undertaking a substantial theological study of the question of the ordination of women, once the structures are in place and we have relatively settled in. We will have a chance, in other words, to bring those who now accept this innovation to reconsideration of their decision in the future.”

Those against women in the priesthood will be in the majority.

Anonymous said...

The CCP was formed in late September 2007. I think it is a bit early to be lamenting its "culture". The final verdict on CCP is obviously still to be decided but so far it looks pretty good. All of the "alphabet soup" parts derided here were in existence before the formation of CCP. CCP has done amazing feats in getting so many splinters to unite under this umbrella. This "cat fight" was a result of the reticence of APA to join CCP. So these 22 churches left APA for REC because REC is part of CCP. The culture seems to be one where CCP is drawing in many Anglican groups which have departed TEC over the past years.

The Rev Canon Dr David Wilson said...

I would still like to know who the "many" are who say this is the culture that CCP fosters?

Maybe Katherine Jefferts Schori, or Bonnie Anderson, David Booth Beers, Jon Bruno, Marc Andrus, Cathy Roscam and John Chane for starters?

Jim Simons said...

Macallester: Thanks for the clarification about the status of APA with respect to CCP. I had forgotten they were not a part of Common Cause.

The Rev Canon Dr David Wilson said...

I guess the "many" becomes another piece of unsubstaniated inuendo deriding re-alignment I have come to expect from this blog

Robert Christian said...

My understanding is the REC started came into being because they objected to Anglo-Catholic Popery? Something about not even allowing candles on the altar. Anglo-Catholics don't recognize women priest. I'm sure there are a few other conflicts but as I see it, the only thing that brings these various churches together is their opposition to TEC. What happens when they don't have TEC to kick around? It reminds me of a line from "A Lion in Winter," when one son says to the rest of the family, "I can't wait to watch you go picnicking on each other."

Personally, I hope the best for those leaving. It will be nice to get beyond the bickering.