Monday, November 10, 2008

Bishops' journey from obscurity, The Bishop of St Albans has retired

From the London Times. Bishop Christopher Herbert retires after 13 years. (Careful, don't want to get that hat wet!)

Bishop Herbert said endings could be equally challenging. “Whilst there is a sense of relief at being able to lay down the burdens of office, the sense of loss is immense . . . and yet Christ is not only deeply present in all beginnings, he is also deeply present in endings, whether those be temporary goodbyes or those heart-wrenching endings of death. Christ is there, right in the midst of them.”

Bishop Herbert, whom The Times described as a “cleric plucked from obscurity” since he was one of the few diocesan bishops appointed from outside the ranks of the suffragan bishops, leaves office anything but obscure. He is recognised almost anywhere he goes in the diocese, has contributed regularly to debate in the House of Lords and has written a bestselling pocket book of prayers.

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