Monday, November 10, 2008

Good Stuff in TEC: Ohio

Group makes plans to help with homelessness

There is no longer a question about whether Knox County is “home” to homeless people.

Workers at local social service agencies, charitable organizations and food pantries know. Church staff and pastors know. Those who work with at-risk youth know. The Knox County Sheriff and Mount Vernon’s mayor know. They see the faces of homelessness every day.

But what all these people want to know is ... what can be done about homelessness in Knox County?

An ecumenical group of church members, social service personnel, homeless people and interested others plans to open a nighttime homeless shelter in early December in St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Parish House or another suitable location. In its initial phase — tentatively planned for December through April — the shelter will house only men; volunteers decided to serve first the portion of the homeless population they believe is most critically in need.

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