Saturday, November 15, 2008

Good Stuff in TEC: Chicago

Lombard church buys mosquito nets to fight malaria in Africa

The numbers are staggering.

Each year, as many as 500 million people will contract malaria. About a million of them will die. Most of the victims will be children - as many as 3,000 children a day.

And just about all of it is preventable.

Malaria is rampant in sub-Saharan Africa, where a huge population of mosquitoes carry the parasites that cause the disease. The mosquitoes do their damage at night, biting and infecting victims while they sleep.

The first line of defense is nets that have been treated with a long-lasting insecticide. The nets are hung around beds and sleep mats, protecting three people for five years and helping to dramatically cut the number of mosquitoes in the community.

Calvary Episcopal Church in Lombard, as part of the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago, helps raise money to buy mosquito nets through the NetsforLife program.

"We are a healing community. Providing malaria nets is a tangible and real way to provide assistance, save lives and contribute to the healing of the world," said Joyce Crowe, who is helping run Calvary's NetsforLife drive.

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Episcopal Relief & Development said...

Here at Episcopal Relief & Development and NetsforLife, we are very grateful for all of your support! For anyone interested in extending their stewardship this holiday season, you can buy a mosquito net that will directly assist the NetsforLife program through our Gifts for Life catalog. Here is the link to the website:
$12 can save 3 lives!