Saturday, November 15, 2008

Communion Partner Rectors Meeting

Chris Seitz reports on the Communion Partners meeting in Texas, The Communion Partners is a group of clergy (Priests and Bishops) who are committed to staying in the Episcopal Church and working for orthodoxy.

The Communion Partner Rectors met at St Martin’s Episcopal Church in Houston 5-7 November. Forty Rectors were able to be present. We were supported by the Bishops of Texas, Western Louisiana, Western Kansas and Central Florida, who were able to be present as representatives of the fifteen Bishops involved with Communion Partners.

The spirit of our gathering was high and encouraging. We are aware of the latitude that is afforded to us to differentiate from trends in the Episcopal Church we do not share. We rejoice in the mission linkages we have nurtured in the past and that we will work to forge in our present season. Our main concern is building up these mission links, reinforcing our Anglican theological identity, and identifying ways to build up the next generation of theological leadership.


Celinda Scott said...

I would love to know who went from Pittsburgh. Also if their is a lay organization with similar goals.

Bruce Robison said...

I was there and will be writing something soon as a reflection. There quick answer to your question is that there will probably be an interest in developing a "Communion Partner" fellowship among groups like Christian Educators, Youth Workers, Seminary Faculty, etc., which would include both ordained and lay folk. The idea is not to create membership organizations, as in the alphabet soup of the last decade, but rather gatherings of folks who want to be mutually supportive as they focus on ministry and the life of the Church, entirely within and supportive of our polity, that will reflect a robust and positive enthusiasm for our theological, spiritual, and cultural heritage as Anglicans.

Celinda Scott said...

Sounds like a good mission statement, and not polarizing. Thanks.