Friday, January 2, 2009

Archbishop of Canterbury's New Year Message - the treasure that is our fellow human beings

Report on the address plus the full text available at the link.

On January 1st 2009 The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, will deliver his New Year Message on BBC One at 1.30pm and again on BBC Two at 6.55pm.

In the message, Dr Williams asks us to consider the importance placed on material wealth, to 'turn outwards' and appreciate the treasure that is our 'fellow human beings' during this time of financial crisis.

The Archbishop recognises that people are entering the New Year with “anxiety and insecurity” and “fears about disappearing savings, lost jobs, house repossessions and worse” but sees recent months as having provided an opportunity to “think about wealth and security and about where our ‘treasure’ is”.

He encourages us to consider ‘treasure’ and question the importance placed on material wealth. “Jesus said that where our treasure is, there our hearts will be. Our hearts will be in a very bad way if they are focused only the state of our finances. They’ll be healthy if they’re capable of turning outwards - looking at the real treasure that is our fellow human beings”.

Dr Williams also talks about the plight of children, who are “damaged by poverty, family instability and abuse, street violence and so much else”, noting that “one of the most damning things you could say about any society is that it’s failing its children.” He remarks that “children need to be taken seriously, not just as tomorrow’s adults but as fellow-inhabitants of the globe today”.

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