Saturday, January 3, 2009

'Prickly, obnoxious' bishop must go, say alienated priests

Trouble down under. If "Prickly and Obnoxious" were chargeable offenses there'd be a whole lot of empty sees and parishes ! (Ok, who gets the picture?)

ANGLICAN clergy in Ballarat are trying to depose their bishop — a first in the church's Australian history — accusing him of bullying and harassment that have damaged relations beyond repair.

The clergy say at least half the diocesan priests have made formal complaints, while Bishop Michael Hough says it is "five and a half — five full-time priests and one part-time".

Australia's Anglican leader, Brisbane Archbishop Philip Aspinall, has sent the complaints to the new Episcopal Standards Commission, which will decide whether there is a case to answer. If so, it will go to a tribunal which can remove the bishop.

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