Saturday, January 3, 2009

Good Stuff in TEC

Tom Ehrich an Episcopal priest in New York offers some practical advice for the new year. From a paper in Oklahoma.

Start the new year in right direction

• Don’t believe in "something for nothing.” We cannot continue to suspend skepticism and careful evaluation just because we want things to be a certain way.

• Don’t shop on credit. This is the year to tear up credit cards, stop drawing down home equity loans, and stop using debt to finance our lifestyles.

• Be generous even when you feel strapped. True community depends on people looking out for each other, especially when danger or distress looms.

• Learn to can vegetables and to make repairs. It isn’t about saving money, but about self-reliance and making-do. As we stagger into the second year of a worsening recession, it is important that we each feel capable and not rendered powerless by a complex world.

• Learn from failure. The greatest shortcoming among recent leaders hasn’t been their mistakes, bad guesses and faulty information, but their refusal to admit failure, to accept accountability for failure, and to learn from failure. We the people, in turn, need to stop pouncing on failure.

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