Thursday, January 1, 2009

Looking at both sides of the coin — or snowflake

A nice piece by a Florida youth minister reflecting on out desire to with God.

A friend of mine sent me an article about "Reasons to be Episcopal." He had reasons like "Just like being Catholic only without the Hail Mary's and poor people." Another was "Changing hearts and lives but leaving your brain intact." Maybe those weren't as much "reasons to be Episcopal" as much as they were "shots at other denominations."

If we put aside the squabbles over denominations and all the other individual windows that look in on faith, I think we'll see the bigger picture here. God wants a connection to take place. God is in all things at all times in all places and isn't going to come out and give us a dope slap and say, "Here I am." We have to do whatever we can to make the connection with Him.

As a youth minister, I often lead my group in a game called Sardines. (For you non-youth ministers, this is the opposite of hide and seek. ) One person hides and everyone else goes to find them. Here's the trick. When you find them you squeeze in with them. Hence the name. Some times the "seekers" go alone. Sometimes they go in pairs. Some take it very seriously and some just happen to find what they are looking for.

We are all out there looking for God: the Catholics, the Presbyterians, the screaming preachers, the quite talkers, the young-lifers, you and me and the guy who made the list about Episcopals. We're all out there. When we find God we want to squeeze in there with him. All of us. Eventually we will all be with him, and that, just like in Sardines, is when it becomes the most fun.

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