Monday, February 2, 2009

Anglicans meet in Egypt to discuss plan to prevent Church split

Here is a series of links to various reports about the beginning of the Primates meeting in Alexandria Egypt.

This from the London Times-

Archbishops of the Anglican Communion worldwide will discuss a proposal tomorrow that would allow the Church to remain united in spite of schismatic differences over the ordination of homosexuals and the blessing of gay marriages.

Archbishops of the 38 provinces worldwide are beginning a week-long meeting in Alexandria, Egypt, where they will discuss a proposal to allow Anglican churches to remain "in communion" with provinces that refuse to sign up to a new covenant or unity document.

Discussions on drafting the covenant, which will set out sanctions for provinces that breach accepted Anglican norms on issues such as gay consecrations, are expected to be complete by the summer and ready for implementation within five years.

The proposal, which follows discussions at the Lambeth Conference last summer, would enable a split to be avoided with provinces such as Canada, where one diocese, New Westminster, has already authorised same-sex blessings and at least one more wishes to follow suit.

The Guardian in London-

The Toronto Star-

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