Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Super Bowl of Faith as Both Steelers and Cardinal Owners Are Deeply Committed Christians

Brian Rooney commented on Art Rooney Sr., the founder of the Pittsburgh Steelers saying: "My grandfather, Art Rooney, went to church service everyday - no matter where he was or how important any signal game may be. He was always interacting with the players, coaches, and everyone else in the organization. His faith was infectious and still sets the tone for the team today. Before every game we have a family Mass. In fact, when I get to Tampa on Saturday, the first place I will be is the Saturday family Mass before the big game."

Rooney went on to say, "I remember as a young boy, after every game - no matter how big - the team would come into the locker room, take a knee, and recite the Lord's Prayer. Only after the prayer would Coach Chuck Noll, another man of great Christian faith, say his post game comments.

“Tony Dungy was a Steelers player and assistant coach then, and Noll's quiet faith and leadership style shaped Coach Dungy's. It's no accident that Coach Mike Tomlin, a protégé of Coach Dungy's, leads the team in line with how Noll and Dungy led. This has always been the Steelers' way, the Rooney way, which is really founded upon the rock of our Christian faith. No matter who wins the game on Sunday, the Bidwells, Rooneys, and many players on both sides will give thanks to God after, and this says more about our country then the game itself."

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