Thursday, February 5, 2009

Primates Begin Work on Final Communiqué

From The Living Church-

The primates completed their third day of business in Alexandria, Egypt, Wednesday, with work beginning on their final communiqué. The meeting is scheduled to close Thursday with an afternoon press conference led by Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams.

So far, the primates have issued public statements on the crises in Zimbabwe and the Sudan and on global warming. Accounts of the closed-door proceedings differ, with some primates reporting a positive environment, while others have spoken of difficulties.

In their Feb. 3 statement, the primates asked that Archbishop Williams, in conjunction with the Council of Anglican Provinces in Africa, appoint an envoy “to go to Zimbabwe to exercise a ministry of presence and to show solidarity with the Zimbabwean people.” They also urged President Robert Mugabe to step down, and have called upon the international community to intervene in the Zimbabwe crisis.

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