Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Minister of Christ Church of Vero Beach suspended

Lorne is an old friend. Please keep him and his family and Christ Church in prayer. From the Treasure Coast Palm-

Citing allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct, an Anglican bishop has suspended the lead minister of a year-old church that broke off from the national Episcopal Church, officials said Monday.

The Rev. Lorne Coyle, of Christ Church of Vero Beach, was suspended effective 2 p.m. Sunday because his bishop received an out-of-state woman’s allegations that she and Coyle, who is married, had an affair, said the church’s senior warden, Jim Reamy III.

The bishop, from Virginia, met with Coyle last week in Vero Beach to inform him of the accusation.

On Sunday, Coyle stood in front of the 400-member congregation and confirmed he had sexual relations with an adult women over a period of years, Reamy said. Coyle left the building before the recessional hymn.


The long-time priest was formerly the head minister of Trinity Episcopal Church, Vero Beach. He was ordained in 1975.

Coyle led the establishment of the Christ Church in response to what he said was the national Episcopal Church’s straying from Biblical scripture.

Christ Church leaders met Monday night to start discussing what to do. They don’t yet know how long the suspension will last and what Guernsey will do.


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