Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Anglican Church celebrates 100 years in Singapore

From Channel News Asia-

The Anglican Church celebrates 100 years in Singapore on Monday.

From the iconic St Andrew's Cathedral, to several well-known schools and community welfare centres, the church's contributions to society go beyond religious convictions.

The St Andrew's Cathedral was the first Anglican Church in Singapore.

It was built for the British expatriate community in the 19th century. Today, it conducts services in seven languages.

Celebrations were in full swing at the cathedral to mark 100 years of the Anglican Diocese of Singapore - the mission's governing body.

Thousands gathered at a carnival to raise funds for the community services set up by the diocese.

They include the St Andrew's Community Hospital, the Family Crisis Centre which offers support and shelter for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse, and the new St Andrew's Autism Centre.

The target amount of $100,000 has been reached through ticket sales prior to the event.

Schools founded by the diocese like St Margaret's, St Hilda's and Anglican High were among those who helped raise funds.

"I'm glad to see that it is reaching out to other groups in Singapore to help build a strong community and social cohesion in Singapore. Religion is a force for good in the world and it is important that religion does not become exclusive," said Singapore's Deputy Pm and Defence Minister Teo Chee Hean.

The early Anglican settlers were from the British East India Company in Singapore and since then the community has grown from strength to strength.

The Diocese of Singapore now has 20,000 members and 26 churches, including the St Andrew's Cathedral.

The Anglican mission has proven to be an effective social cement through its engagement with the wider community, regardless of religion.


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