Sunday, September 20, 2009

National Baptists have their man

From the Tri-State Defender

Rev. Julius R. Scruggs of Huntsville, Ala., overwhelmingly was chosen as the next president of the National Baptist Convention during the group’s 129th Annual Convention held in Memphis Sept. 5-11. Rev. Scruggs turned back a high-profile challenge by former president, Rev. Henry Lyons, who was seeking to regain the presidency after having been convicted on charges associated with bilking the church’s corporate partners out of several million dollars.

Rev. Scruggs takes over as president in February. Here is an excerpt from his press conference following his election:

Q: What is going to be your main goal as the new president?”

A: One of our main goals is to strengthen our unification in our convention. We’ve had some splintering from time to time in our convention and we want to bring all groups together in oneness so that we can all gather under one main vision for our convention and move together …to bring that vision to fruition.

And of course to enlarge on that vision and would like to say the following: We would like to build on what (President) Dr. (William) Shaw has already been doing in certain areas. And one of the first areas we would like to build on is to make American Baptist College a greater school. The premier bible college is owned by the national Baptist Convention USA, Inc., and we would like to give it greater support. We would like to help foster the vision of (Dr. Forrest Elliot Harris Sr.,) who is president of the college. One of the things he wants to do is build a student life center, including housing. . .

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