Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Faith Diary: Changing loyalties

From The BBC-

Although the Church of England has had women priests for 15 years, some traditionalists still believe that the fact that they are women means they cannot validly carry out all priestly functions.

But now liberal Anglicans are celebrating a decision by Blackburn Cathedral to reverse a controversial concession it made to traditionalists.

A year ago, the cathedral began providing communion bread blessed by a male priest for use when a woman was taking a service.

The concession was introduced after a female canon was appointed to the cathedral staff.

Now the cathedral has apologised for any hurt caused by that decision, but it has also acknowledged that the ordination of women priests still caused "sorrow and pain" to some Anglicans, and said it would continue to provide Sunday services taken by a male priest.

As many churches creak under the pressure to reform in line with contemporary life, modernisers and traditionalists in many of them are increasingly feeling that they have more in common with like-minded people in other denominations.

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