Friday, September 25, 2009

Precautions on use of ‘common cup’ eased

WORSHIPPERS in some parts of Dorset have been told they can start sharing a communion wine cup again – while in other parts of the county the practice will continue to be suspended.

Fears over swine flu led to many churches being advised to suspend the use of a common cup for communion in the summer.

Now churches in the Anglican diocese of Salisbury – which includes Poole, part of Bournemouth, Blandford, Swanage, and Wimborne – are being advised to make the communal wine cup freely available again.

But the chalice will continue to be suspended from use at Diocese of Winchester churches, which include those in Bournemouth.

The Bishop of Salisbury, the Rt Rev David Stancliffe, has told clergy in the diocese to move to “a lower level of precautions” following the summer peak in the epidemic.

The Bishop’s advice follows a reported drop in the weekly rate of swine flu infections from 100,000 in July to 4,500 in mid September.

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