Friday, September 4, 2009

Episcopal bishop from Ohio nominated for Pittsburgh job

From The Post-Gazette-

Bishop Kenneth L. Price Jr. has been nominated to serve as a full-time interim bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh that remained in the Episcopal Church after last year's diocesan convention voted to secede.

Bishop Price, 66, is the suffragan -- assistant -- bishop of the Diocese of Southern Ohio. He's also a graduate of West Virginia University who was a priest in Wheeling for many years.

"Pittsburgh was the town we always escaped to," he said.

He has been a bishop for 15 years, with a higher profile than his suffragan status might imply. He is secretary of the Episcopal House of Bishops and in 2005 was appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury to a committee working toward the resolution of serious divisions in the 80 million-member global Anglican Communion. As secretary of the House of Bishops, he co-signed last September's order removing Pittsburgh Bishop Robert Duncan from ministry in the Episcopal Church.

In October the diocesan convention voted to secede from the Episcopal Church, saying it had failed to uphold biblical teaching on matters ranging from salvation to sexual ethics. Archbishop Duncan now leads the 57-parish Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh (Anglican), which is affiliated with the new Anglican Church in North America.

The diocese that Bishop Price has been nominated to serve has 9,833 members in 28 parishes. It is governed by a standing committee of clergy and laity, with the part-time assistance of retired Bishop Robert H. Johnson, who commutes from North Carolina.

If elected at the Oct. 17 diocesan convention, Bishop Price will be a "provisional" bishop, with the authority of a diocesan bishop. He will serve a few years until a permanent bishop is elected.

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