Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ghana: Problems of Leadership And Corruption Hinder Country's Development

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The Deputy Eastern Regional Minister, Mr Mohammed Baba-Jamal, on Thursday said Ghana was not a poor nation but rather problems of leadership and corruption had affected her development

He noted that Ghanaians were living in poverty in the midst of abundance due to the inaction of their leaders and the silence of the voices of justice at the appropriate time made it possible for evil to triumph in the country.

Mr Baba-Jamal made the observation at the formal opening of the Third Session of the Ninth Synod of Anglican Diocese of Koforidua at Koforidua.

The four-day synod is under the theme "Put Your Thoughts into Action".

He expressed government's appreciation to the contributions of the Anglican Church and other religious organizations towards Ghana 's socio-economic development.

Mr Baba-Jamal gave the assurance that government would never harass its political opponents because it recognized the role of the minority in Ghana 's democratic dispensation.

He advised the leadership of the minority political parties to offer constructive criticisms to the ruling government always with the national interest at heart.

The Anglican Bishop of Koforidua Diocese, Right Reverend Francis Benjamin Quarshie, urged politicians to stop the glorification of poverty in the country.

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