Friday, September 4, 2009

Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh to vote on provisional bishop

From The Pittsburgh Tribune review-

The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh wants to name a provisional bishop, the next step in remaking itself after a split last year, officials said.

The church will vote on appointing the Right Rev. Kenneth L. Price Jr., an assisting bishop of the Diocese of Southern Ohio, at its convention Oct. 17.

"It's the next logical step in the path that we're on," said the Rev. James Simons, president of the diocese's Standing Committee, which recommended the appointment.

If approved by the church, Price would assume full ecclesiastical authority and responsibility as chief pastor and overseer of diocesan administration and finances for 9,833 Pittsburgh area Episcopalians for the next two years or until a permanent bishop is found, Simons said.

"It's an opportunity to move beyond the split and rebuild the diocese," Price said from his office in Columbus. He would replace assisting Bishop Robert Johnson, who shared some ecclesiastical duties with the Standing Committee.

Johnson was appointed last year after a group of about four dozen parishes led by then-Bishop Robert Duncan broke from the national church and realigned with more theologically conservative churches in South America.

Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori, presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church, recognized the remaining 19 parishes as the legitimate Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh. The diocese now includes 28 parishes.

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