Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jones launches Pirates' 10,000th homer

A little good news for my beloved if hapless Pirates-

It was fitting that Garrett Jones, the only legit big bopper in the Pirates' lineup, would swat the 10,000th home run in the history of the franchise.

Wednesday afternoon, Jones launched an 0-1 pitch from the Cincinnati Reds' aptly-named right-hander, Homer Bailey. The ball traveled 375 feet before crash-landing in the right-field seats.

"It's a big number," said Jones, who Tuesday hit the Pirates' 9,999th homer. "It's a tremendous honor. It feels good to get it, but it would feel a lot better if we'd gotten the win."

The Pirates lost the game, 5-3.

Jones, a 28-year-old rookie, has gone deep 18 times in 55 games since his June 30 call-up from Triple-A Indianapolis.

"He's had a great couple months, and I'm looking forward to the future with him," manager John Russell said. "He's got tremendous power to all fields. I saw it in the minor leagues and again in spring training. He's a definite threat."

The Pirates agreed to swap an autographed bat and ball with the Reds fan who caught Jones' home run.

"For the organization, it's something that means a lot," Jones said.

Three innings after Jones homered, Brandon Moss knocked out his seventh homer of the season.

"Aw ... I was that close," Moss said, grinning.

Although Moss put the Pirates on the path to their next milestone, nobody will remember who hit No. 10,001. Moss joked that he was going to pore through old boxscores until he found a home run that was overruled.

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