Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fond Farewells John Stott

From Time-

One of the world's most influential and popular Evangelical figures, Anglican pastor and theologian John Stott helped transform the movement into a worldwide phenomenon. The Englishman headed the drafting of the 1974 Lausanne Covenant, which led 2,300 leaders from 150 nations to affirm their dedication to global evangelism, cementing his status as an ambassador and supporting the faith in the developing world. Indeed, his focus on earthly concerns such as poverty and social justice served as a counterpoint to more-boisterous Evangelical leaders who set their sights firmly on the afterlife. A consummate intellectual, Stott, who died July 27 at 90, wrote more than 50 books.

When Stott was named to the TIME 100 in 2005, the Rev. Billy Graham wrote that he "represents a touchstone of authentic biblical scholarship that ... has scarcely been paralleled since the days of the 16th century European Reformers."

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