Saturday, December 17, 2011

The nativity gets updated for the modern age

From London-

There's a beautifully groomed Mary in a blue party dress, a fashionable Joseph gazing adoringly at the baby, and wise men carrying a Faberge egg, a crystal bottle of perfume and a decorated skull.

With only twelve days to go until Christmas, a church group unveiled a poster Thursday to remind people of the religious aspect of the holiday — while making a statement about modern-day extravagance.

The poster, deliberately designed to look like a fashion photograph, has the words: "However you dress it up, Christmas starts with Christ."

Francis Goodwin, chairman of multi-denominational religious group ChurchAds that organized the poster campaign, said the image is meant to remind people of the origins of Christmas.

"We are not killjoys, we do not object to giving presents and having a good time," he said. "This is just a reminder that the real reason for Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Christ."

Goodwin said he hoped the poster would also modernize the traditional Christmas image.

"We wanted to update the Christmas message, to put a new image out there," he said. "Most people outside the church think the nativity just means the traditional Victorian images we all recognize — it's not something that is relevant to many people."

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