Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Paws and reflect: Dog brings joy to Rock Springs church

From Wyoming-

In the Episcopal Church, priests wear stoles that drape across their necks. Deacons wear colored cloth across the shoulder. But the church rules are silent about what vestments dogs should wear.

So necessity once again gave birth to invention, and Chewy the church dog routinely dons a white coat with a cross on the back.

Meet and greet

Each Sunday, Rev. Bob Spencer pulls a white garment over his clothing, which is meant to represent the clothes worn in the days of Jesus. He adds the stole — blue this time of year for advent season. Then he straps on Chewy’s vestments and together they follow the procession into the Church of the Holy Communion at Rock Springs, where Spencer conducts services and Chewy oversees them — both at Spencer’s feet and while roaming the pews and greeting parishioners

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