Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rwandan HOB Appoints Bishops Glenn and Barnum to Oversee AMIA Congregations in US

From David Virtue-

The House of Bishops of the Anglican Province of Rwanda (PEAR) has appointed Bishop Terrell Glenn, Jr., of Charlotte, NC, and Bishop Thad Barnum of Fairfield, CT, to oversee the care and shepherding of all clergy who are canonically resident in PEAR and affiliated with the Anglican Mission in the Americas. Bishops Glenn and Barnum will work on behalf of PEAR and with the leadership of The Anglican Mission in the Americas in assisting clergy and congregations with their present and future canonical residencies.

"We are deeply saddened and dismayed by the recent turn of events that have brought pain and separation between the Province of Rwanda and the Anglican Mission in the Americas. We are also deeply grieved by the subsequent 'Internet' eruptions and email trails that have contributed to further damage in our witness before believers and non-believers alike," wrote The Rev. Alan Hawkins, Network Leader of the Apostles Mission Network in the AMIA. (NOTE: VOL was told that this statement did not include Virtueonline as one of the eruptors.)

"To that end, we are requesting an 'Advent Respite' while leaders representing those clergy and congregations concerned can honorably and honestly work through their respective issues. We respectfully ask members of the different media sites and those who 'blog' to observe this respite as well. We recognize this situation has raised numerous questions, especially those of canonical status and future affiliations. We believe these situations will be addressed and questions will be answered "in a manner worthy of the gospel" of Jesus Christ. We also know that, in God's time, there will be an opportunity to bear witness a positive and a Christ-honoring resolution to this painful situation.

"In addition, we request of all clergy and congregations in PEAR, that all recruiting, posturing, and gathering for allegiance to one side or another in these matters cease immediately. In place of these, we commit to join everyone in fervent prayer to our Lord that His reconciling love would prevail in our hearts and that His grace would abound as we seek a way forward that blesses Him and brings glory to His Name," wrote Hawkins.

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