Thursday, May 31, 2012

Katy resident excited to be church's new rector

From Texas-

Growing up, the Rev. Christopher R. Duncan would corral his parents so he'd have a congregation to preach to when he wanted to "play" church.

"I did all the normal things like playing baseball, but I also played church and made my parents sit through a church service and communion at the tender age of 5," says Duncan, who recently relocated to Katy with his wife of six years, Casey, and their daughter, Carolena.

Duncan, a cradle Episcopalian, has long since had no need to be a make-believe priest, a fact the congregation of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Katy gratefully acknowledges. 

On June 18, Duncan will become the 75-member church's new rector, the equivalent of senior pastor. Previous to this post, he was assistant to the rector of Good Shepherd Episcopal Church in Austin since 2009. But that's not where he got his ministerial feet wet.

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