Friday, June 1, 2012

Archbishop: Not everyone appreciates how funny Queen is

From BBC- (with video)

Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams has issued a video tribute to the Queen, in which he gives a rare insight into her personality.

Dr Williams has regularly met the Queen in private during the past 10 years in his role as Church of England leader.

As Supreme Governor of the Church - a position occupied by Kings and Queens since Henry VIII's 16th Century break with the Pope - the Queen is his boss.

He described how the Queen could be "extremely funny in private".

The archbishop said he had not had any contact with royalty before taking up his post and, as such, had not known what to expect. He discovered the Queen had "real personality".

"I have found in the Queen someone who can be friendly, who can be informal, who can be extremely funny in private - and not everybody appreciates how funny she can be," he said in the video issued by Lambeth Palace.

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Amanda D said...

Hi Rev. Simons,

I'm a reporter at the Trib working on a story I think you might be able to help me with. Can you email me?


Leonard said...

It´s hard for me to imagine that Rowan Williams, soon to be retired Archbishop of Canterbury, notices humor (humour in his case)...he´s not exactly a laugh a minute as dodges important real life issues...more like the Keystone Cops sort antics.