Friday, June 1, 2012

Backers of women in episcopate turn against Measure

From The Church Timers-

AMENDMENTS to the women-bishops Draft Measure (News, 25 May) will not help it receive final approval in the General Synod in July, the majority of respondents to a Church Times poll say.

As the Church Times went to press on Wednesday, more than 400 people had responded to the question: “Do you think that the amendments increase the Measure’s chances of receiving final approval in July?” Seventy-eight per cent of those respondents said: “No”.

Last Friday, Dr Williams and Dr Sentamu released a statement saying that they hoped that the two new amendments would help the Measure to “be carried with more confidence”.

The statement was issued the day after a group of six senior officials, which includes Dr Williams and Dr Sentamu, judged that the amend­ments were not significant enough to warrant a reference back to the dioceses. Their decision paves the way for the General Synod to con­sider the draft for final approval when it meets in York in July.

Addressing the Bishops’ first amendment, the Archbishops said that “delegation . . . does not take anything away from the diocesan bishop who delegates; it just allows another bishop to minister legally in the diocesan’s area of oversight. The amendment simply declares what the law and practice of the Church already is, and what we mean by delegation in other contexts.”

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