Friday, June 1, 2012

Anglican diocese, dissident parishes strike deal

From Canada-

The Anglican Diocese of Niagara has retained ownership of three local churches, including one in Lowville, which saw their parishes bolt in 2008 over the issue of conducting same-sex marriages.

The Burlington-based Anglican Network of Canada — which formed in early 2008 in the wake of the dissidents’ departure — announced Thursday it had reached a settlement with the diocese and is not seeking ownership of the church buildings.

The buildings in question were St. George’s Church in Lowville, St. Hilda’s in Oakville and Good Shepherd in St. Catharines. Anglican Network spokesperson Patricia Decker said all three congregations turned over their keys to the diocese Thursday, and the settlement takes effect Friday.

It guarantees that neither party will sue each other; that each party will cover its own legal costs; the parishes will retain religious and memorial items donated by their members; the diocese will compensate one congregation for church improvements and there will be a division among the parties of the proceeds from the sale of one of the rectories.

The settlement was reached through mediation and brings to an end legal proceedings begun by the diocese shortly after the three congregations voted to leave the Anglican Church and join the Anglican Network. The network now counts 21 churches across Canada and is led by Bishop-Moderator Donald Harvey of Newfoundland.

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