Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bees help Prince George’s church raise money for repairs

From The Washington Post-

Members of the historic St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church in Croom have struggled to come up with the funds to repair their more than 200-year-old church in the wake of August’s earthquake, but they found help in some initially unwanted guests that became all the buzz in helping address the fundraising issues.

The church, which was built in 1745 with some additions in the late 19th century and serves about 65 people each Sunday, became inhabited by a swarm of bees in August that took up residence in a recess in the roof near the church’s bell tower, the Rev. Debbie Brewin-Wilson said.

“We actually found two separate hives up there,” Brewin-Wilson said. “We knew we had to clear them out before we could start work on the bell tower.”

Brewin-Wilson said the earthquake caused damage to the church, especially to the bell tower, making the church unusable. Church members have been meeting in their neighboring parish hall, she said, while repairs to the mortar of the bell tower and addition to the church move forward.

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