Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nashville church asks state Supreme Court to judge property dispute with Episcopal diocese

From Nashville-

A Nashville church that broke away from the Episcopal Diocese of Tennessee is asking the state Supreme Court to hear a dispute over who owns the church property.

St. Andrew's Parish left the diocese in 2006, joining a breakaway Anglican diocese based in Quincy, Ill.

Three years later, the Diocese of Tennessee sued to reclaim the St. Andrew's property, which it claims was held in trust by the congregation. The St. Andrew's congregation contends it owns the property outright.

After a court-ordered mediation failed, a Nashville judge ruled in favor of the diocese in 2010.

In April of this year, St. Andrew's lost an appeal at the state level.


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Dave said...

And St. Andrews has appealed to the Tennessee State Supreme Court. Had this been anything other than a church, St. Andrews would have won handily. Something is wrong with the laws of Tennessee if the clear deed holder can lose it's property to someone who's invested not a dime of their own money in it.
What would Jesus do? Can you be a member of TEC and still truly be a Christian? I, personally, think NOT.