Monday, July 23, 2012

Digging to start for Cardboard Cathedral

From New Zealand-

Contractors will begin digging the foundations for the Anglican Church's new base in Christchurch, popularly known as the Cardboard Cathedral, on Tuesday.

A spokesperson for the earthquake-damaged ChristChurch Cathedral, Reverend Craig Dixon, says he heard on Monday building consent for the foundations of the temporary replacement has been granted.
Rev Dixon says work on the foundations of the transitional cathedral will begin on Tuesday morning.

He says it was originally thought the foundations would cost $150,000, but as details of the design emerged it became apparent the cost will be closer to $600,000.

Rev Dixon says fundraising for about $1.2 million will be necessary for the entire building, in addition to the $4m already set aside.

He says help is coming from as far away as Adelaide and Britain, and he is confident the transitional cathedral will be standing by Christmas.

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