Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Christian way

From The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette- (letters)

Ross Douthat's recent column concerning the future of "liberal" Christianity ("Theology Lite," July 17) is a flawed view of Christianity in general and the Episcopal Church in particular. As an Episcopalian nee Catholic who came to understand God in the light of Vatican II, I believe the Episcopal Church is the fulfillment of Pope John XXIII's vision for Christianity.

Is it liberal to want to see justice for all humanity? Is it liberal to witness to the worth and the value of every person, regardless their color, creed, age, handicap, sex or sexual orientation? Is it liberal to minister and give voice to the poor? No, it is eminently Christian to stand up for the dignity of all humanity. It is not "liberal" Christianity to make the bromide "Jesus loves you" a reality and not a marketing slogan. It is Christianity.

Mr. Douthat also points to the membership decline in Episcopalian and other "liberal" Christian groups as evidence of their failure to be relevant. This is an irrelevant criticism since Christianity began with 12 men and a woman.

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