Friday, March 8, 2013

Tornado-damaged Trinity Episcopal parish hall to be repaired by Easter; plan for sanctuary uncertain

From Alabama-

From inside the damaged sanctuary of Trinity Episcopal Church, it’s easy to tell how close the east wall came to collapsing after the Christmas Day tornado was done with its dirty work.

Attached to the Gothic -style columns are large steel beams supporting the structure much like a rod would for a broken leg. Where pews once stood, four thick steel cables run from holes cut in the floor to the east upper wall, providing more stability.

“Whatever plan we do, the intent is to build the church back as close (as possible) to what it was before the tornado,” said the Rev. Bailey Norman, rector at Trinity, located on Dauphin Street.

The good news is that the congregation will be back in the repaired parish hall for Easter Sunday and beyond. The bad news is that the way forward on the main church is unclear for now.

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