Saturday, March 9, 2013

Transformation turns Anglican Church into housing

From Canada-

From the outside, nothing much has changed at the large, red-brick building at the corner of Maryland Street and St. Matthews Avenue.

But the inside of what was once the city's largest Anglican Church is now clearly a construction zone as the building is slowly transformed into affordable housing. A worker removes debris from St. Matthew's Anglican Church. The historic church will contain affordable housing and is now called WestEnd Commons.

Last week, the last official mark of St. Matthew's Anglican Church vanished when the exterior church signs were replaced with two large banners proclaiming the new name of the building, WestEnd Commons.

"Up until now, for people outside the building, it's been an idea," explains Rev. Cathy Campbell of the structural work and gutting of the former grand worship space.

"The outside isn't going to look massively different, but the inside is massively different."
The new banner at the south end also lists the six congregations that worship in the space, indicating the building no longer belongs exclusively to St. Matthew's Anglican Church.

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