Thursday, July 14, 2016

Catching smiles: Arizona church embracing role as ‘Pokemon Go’ stop

From Arizona-

An Arizona church that found itself dropped in the center of all the “Pokemon Go” hubbub is welcoming players with open arms and Wi-Fi.

Father Tim True, the rector at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Yuma, had no idea about the craze until he talked to his teenage daughter about it.

“She started to explain the game to me,” he said. “She said that she was going outside and having a lot of fun with it. I thought, ‘Well. that’s interesting.’

“I thought ‘OK, some other game on her device. OK, that was fun.’ I wasn’t paying much attention to it.”

But True started to pay attention after he found out the church was a Pokestop, which is an essential place for players to stop and recharge to continue the game. He said, rather than get surly about being selected, he decided to have fun with it and embrace the players.

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