Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Things Episcopalians say (4): ‘Jesus never …’

From The Living Church-

OK, it’s not just Episcopalians who say this one; it has gained a life of its own in several quarters. And the trope (most familiar as a social-media meme) has several variations. The default variant seems to be “Things Jesus Never Said.” It even has its own Twitter account. Under #JesusNeverSaid (or @ThingsJesusNeverSaid) is a characterization of a recognizable but disastrously errant — laughably errant — vision of the Christian religion.

To judge from the proliferation of variants, there is a lot of laughable (or is it contemptible?) Christianity out there. Catholic memesters remind us that #JesusNeverSaid, “He who eats this symbol of my flesh and drinks this symbol of my blood shall have eternal life. For my flesh is symbolic food, and my blood is symbolic drink” (silly Protestants).

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