Monday, July 11, 2016

The Church of England? We don't know what it is any more

From The Telegraph-

When the Church of England Synod meets in high summer, its thoughts inexorably turn to love - or rather, to same-sex relationships: the perennial pachyderm in the Anglican room.

As members gathered on Sunday to discuss the intractable topic, the minds of some may have drifted longingly towards the hearty thwack and ping of the Murray/Raonic final. Alert to wandering attention,  David Porter, the Archbishop of Canterbury’s former director of reconciliation, urged his colleagues to “prepare yourself for Wimbledon withdrawal”.

Reconciling the schism between sport, sex and spirituality was the least of the participants’ challenges. Their attendance was regulated in advance with a dense thicket of protocol.

Members were asked to eschew social media, abandon clerical dress for “casual, comfortable clothes”, and “Remember your body language. Watch that it doesn’t say, “I’m bored’.”

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