Friday, July 15, 2016

How a gay Ottawa Anglican got the same-sex marriage vote overturned

From Ottawa-

The course of Anglican church history shifted this week, in part because an Ottawa layman seized on a tiny procedural moment to effect the change of a lifetime.

Ron Chaplin, 64, is an openly gay man who has fought for equal rights — including same-sex Christian marriage — for a good part of his adulthood.

He was part of a 10-person delegation from the Ottawa diocese that attended the church’s General Synod held in Richmond Hill, the meeting that ended with the bizarre miscount — then flip-flop — on a critically-important change in the Anglican canon.

If not for Chaplin’s attention to detail, the historic approval of same-sex marriage might have been lost.

“I was pretty happy with myself,” he said later, before laughing.

Chaplin used to be a parliamentary aide, so he has a grasp of rules and process, the guy in the crowd who reads the fine print.

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