Thursday, January 19, 2017

Anglican Bishop’s shocking affair

From Zimbabwe-

Nasty rumours are once again dogging St Agnes' Anglican Church in Chikanga. This time it involves Bishop Erick Ruwona and his alleged, adulterous affair with a married woman who is also a member of his congregation.

A resulting feud between supporters and non-supporters of the bishop has broken out, taken control of the parish and is now threatening to tear the, already fragile, diocese apart.

Church members have, via whatsapp, called for the expulsion of both Ruwona and the lady involved, Portia Magada, accusing the bishop of failing to execute his duties in the Anglican Manicaland Diocese.

Worshippers have also appealed to the Zambia based Archbishop of the Church of the Province of Central Africa, Archbishop Albert Chama and the Episcopal Synod of the Anglican Church to intervene in the matter on their behalf.

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