Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Praying for our new leaders is on the horizon

From Kansas-

For sure, new leadership is on the horizon; Friday is Inauguration Day, when America will formally install a new president. What will ultimately develop from this new, untried leader remains a mystery. Because of his cantankerous behavior and often offensive speech, a number of prominent personalities have refused to participate in any honoring of the new president on his special day. I’m proud and thankful that Washington National Cathedral (an Episcopal cathedral) has accepted its traditional role in the inauguration of a president, with appropriate prayer and worship services, including its world-renowned choir.

The Episcopal leadership proclaims that “God’s house is a house of prayer for all people.” The election is over. Let us pray for the president who has been chosen. Let us pray that the president prays and that he listens carefully to his God. Let us pray that the president obeys God. With presidential power, a truly prayerful president could insure the pathway to peace throughout the world. Prayer is our hope. Prayer works. Prayer is good. Let us pray!

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