Thursday, January 19, 2017

Roberts: Will you pray for Donald Trump?

From Arizona-

It is all the rage these days to shun America’s soon-to-be president.

Democrats in Congress are boycotting his inauguration. A-listers in Hollywood, too.

Some of the Rockettes would like to do it but likely would lose their hoofing jobs if they’re no-shows.

Meanwhile, the National Cathedral in Washington D.C., home of the Episcopal Church, is taking heat because its choir plans to participate in Friday's inauguration festivities and not only that, the cathedral will host its traditional Inaugural Prayer Service on Saturday.

The Rev. Gary Hall, former dean of the cathedral, is among the critics who believe the cathedral should ignore Trump’s inauguration.

“I think the faith community should be a center of resistance against Donald Trump’s vision in America,” Hall told the Washington Post.

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