Saturday, April 8, 2017

ANC leaders with moral compass challenged to stand up‚ top brass blind to the truth: Anglican Bishop

From South Africa-

Members of the ANC top executive who initially repudiated President Zuma’s Cabinet reshuffle were blind to the truth - which South Africans can see - of the need for a corrupt-free and stable society with a secure future.

This was the gist of a strong address given by the Anglican Bishop of Johannesburg‚ the Right Reverend Dr Steve Moreo‚ as part of the march to the Union Buildings in Pretoria on Friday.

Bishop Steve said that the country’s leadership had descended into a state of ghastly immorality and unethical behaviour.

He added that when some of the acolytes of the president had had the courage to repudiate him‚ South Africans had seen some hope for a stable future.

“But just a few days later‚ those same acolytes emerged from behind closed doors‚ where they had debated in secrecy‚ with no transparency. They emerged to proclaim again that the President is clothed even when they had revealed him for all his duplicity and nakedness just a few days before. Then we knew that the moral compass that was our legacy in 1994 had been destroyed.

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