Monday, April 3, 2017

Jesus doesn’t want us carrying the excess baggage of selfishness

From Arizona-

A faithful woman I know told me recently that she doesn’t call herself a Christian anymore. If anyone asks, she tells them she’s a follower of Jesus. 

Many of us probably know how she feels. For quite some time now it’s been difficult to say we’re Christian without raising eyebrows or bringing the conversation to a grinding halt.  Unfortunately, the term “Christian” is now loaded with all kinds of excess baggage. It’s the kind of baggage that Jesus would have steadfastly refused to pick up. It’s the kind of baggage that the majority of Christians never packed and don’t want to claim as part of their faith. It’s the kind of baggage that a lot of followers of Jesus think of as misappropriated, mislabeled, mishandled and misdirected. 

Sadly, this excess baggage also comes with a high cost. 

The kind of baggage I’m talking about includes outright lies in the name of Jesus, or misleading teachings on everything from the Scriptures and so-called Christian values, to Christian living.

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