Saturday, April 8, 2017

Church of England rejects new grammar schools as it states it will build schools for the 'many, not just the few'

From The Telegraph-

The Church of England has rejected the Government’s plans to create hundreds of new grammar schools as it claims it will build schools for “the many, not just the few”.
The Church, the largest single provider of schools in England, has ruled out the creation of any new grammars on the grounds that they cater only to a select group of “high achievers”.

Responsible for more than 4,700 schools across the country, the announcement follows a decision taken at the General Synod last year, which concluded that the Church should move away from selection towards schools that serve the “whole community”.

As part of its new vision, the Church said it would proceed with plans to create 125 new, more inclusive schools, which it hopes will help remedy an “increasingly fragmented educational scene”.

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