Saturday, April 8, 2017

Everyone's wrong about why we wear wedding rings on the fourth finger of our left hands

From The Insider (Fun facts to know and tell)-

Most wedding traditions can be traced back to religious practice. And the reason people wear the wedding band on the fourth finger on the left hand dates back to one of the most contentious religious debates of all time.

The actual use of wedding rings — or wedding bands — dates back at least 6,000 years, to ancient Egypt. But the decision to wear them on what's now known as the "ring finger" can be traced back only around 450 years, when the Church of England broke off with the Catholic Church.

The rule that we should wear wedding rings on our left hand comes from "The Book of Common Prayer," a collection of prayer books used by the Anglican Church from around 1549. Following the break with the Catholic Church — which is commonly known as the Reformation — the Anglican Church needed service and worship books that were different from those of the Catholic Church.

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