Saturday, April 15, 2017

Bishop of Shrewsbury: Do not airbrush Easter

From England-

The Catholic Bishop of Shrewsbury accused some of attempting to “airbrush” Easter out of the bank holiday weekend.

The Right Reverend Mark Davies also called on Christians to claim back Easter.

He spoke of the controversy surrounding a Cadbury’s Easter egg hunt at National Trust properties, which had simply been referred to as an ‘egg hunt’.

Cadbury and Nestle have also been criticised by Christian groups for missing the word Easter from their chocolate eggs. Both companies insist there has been no “deliberate decision” to drop the word from packaging, with Cadbury saying the word Easter is embossed on the actual egg.

Bishop Mark said: “In recent weeks a chocolate manufacturer and a national charity may have sought to airbrush the name Easter from this public holiday.


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