Friday, April 14, 2017

Chicago new church start attracts national attention before first worship service

From Chicago-

Tell true stories. Share good food. Worship beautifully. Those three practices are the building blocks of a brand new church in the Chicago neighborhood of Rogers Park that must be doing something right.

Gilead Church Chicago has not yet celebrated its first weekly worship service. It's scheduled for May 7, location TBA. However the United Church of Christ new church start is already attracting a lot of people and attention. The spiritual community's first preview service in January drew a crowd so large, one of the worshippers had to leave because they felt claustrophic. And after its St. Patrick's Day celebratory launch of "Balm of Gilead" Session IPA — a craft brew made especially for the church and created right in the neighborhood — the Today Show came calling. The NBC morning show plans to run a story on Gilead on Tuesday during Holy Week.

All of this is a bit surreal to the church's co-pastors, Rebecca Anderson and Vince Amlin.

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